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TEDxUppsalaUniversity is the event of the year where a heterogeneous group of open-minded people come together to get inspired by one another; speakers spread ideas, unexpected connections are made between ideas and this leads to new ideas worth spreading.

Corrie Hammar

Main Coordinator

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Marcus Hall

Event Coordinator

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Event Coordinator

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Harmen Koning

Speaker Coordinator

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Speaker Coordinator

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Sponsor and Partnership Coordinator

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Marketing, Content and Communications Coordinator

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Tech Coordinator

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Behind The Scenes

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Here, in Uppsala each year the TEDx torch is handed over to a group of new TED-enthuziasts, a.k.a. the newbies.

This time it’s us. We are here, we are working on it, we are super-energized and full of ideas, eager to prove ourselves worthy of organizing this awesome event.

One of the biggest steps we took (apart from taking up our places in the committee) was starting a new bond with the TEDxStockholm team. We even took a photo to prove it! (picture or it didn’t happen,– right?!)

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Stay tuned!


The Team.

Previous TEDx events in Uppsala


The term “U-Turn” is an enigma – it can mean so many things to so many people. The world is not a straight and narrow road. In the course of everyone’s life, there is a change of direction, and there is a turning point. It could be for the better, it could be for the worse but one thing’s for sure – it made an impact. Making a “U-Turn” is about going against the grain, refusing to conform, taking the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. By inviting a range of speakers from different disciplines we aim to inspire courage, provoke thoughts and spark change.

Names (from left to right): Sharif Mohd Istiaq, Ling Ge, Suzanne Groen, Anna Joos Lindberg, Pascalina Suciu, Signe Åfors, Rebecka Hagfeldt, Marin Mikulic, Johannes Wander, Costis Chatzidakis

TEDx Talks

Who cares?

Who Cares? is the theme of TEDxUppsalaUniversity 2014. With this provocative and playful approach, we want to reflect on today’s world and leave room for everyone to find their own answer.

Our aim with this theme is to seek true passion and innovative visions. We strive to find ideas and perspectives that inspire and raise awareness about issues that make an impact on ourselves and our environment. By inviting a range of speakers from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds, we aim to spark curiosity and provoke thoughts that people might be oblivious to.

We all have something that matters to us; family, the environment, career, human rights, justice, victims in wars and conflicts, or finding happiness. But do we care enough to make a change?

Names (from left to right): Aries Kurniawan, Gertrūda Ulevičiūtė, Faris Halteh, Erik Olsson, Agata Naworyta, Lakin Anderson, Hege Helene Reistad, Daniel Sarabia, Ana Nonikashvili Hilliard.


The 1st ever TEDxUppsalaUniversity! This event has the theme Resilience and will provide a platform to speakers from all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds to share their creative ideas and stories around this concept.

Today’s societal challenges are global, interdependent and increasingly complex. They require systems, societies and individuals to be able to respond with greater flexibility, speed and creativity.

In the face of so many challenges how resilient are we really?

Helena Hedström, Karl Andreasson, Soe Thiha, Griffith Couser, Barbara Pia Oberč, Georg Strasser, Jens Månsson, Ben Owen, Tina Hirschel, Simon Müller, George Tsarsitalidis, Susan Martin.

TEDx Talks

Speakers and their talks

Walid Al-Saqaf  –  A spirit of resilience could go a long way

Timothée Parrique  –  Revolutionising economics education

Filippa Bergin  –  Resilient fund management

Johan Rockström  –  Are we bankrupting nature?

Anders Wijkman  –  How do we avoid bankrupting nature?

Lina Thomsgård  –  Crowdsourcing gender equality

Brian Palmer  –  Heroes we carry with us

Sven Heijbel  –  Happiness for lazy people